24/7 Care - Allowing Seniors to Live Comfortably in Their Homes

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Caring for your aging loved one is challenging when you factor in work, driving, or having to look after others in your family. As your loved one ages, their needs increase, making 24/7 care a necessity that not everyone can provide. Thankfully, moving your loved one to a retirement home isn't the only option.


Our 24/7 Care, 365 Days of the Year

Home Care Book's 24/7 care guarantees there is a caregiver to address any needs or requirements your loved one has. As someone ages, keeping a sense of independence and home familiarity benefits their well-being and mental health. It helps eliminate loneliness and depression, giving your family a better quality of life.


Home Care for Elderly in Their Own Homes

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At-home care is a standard solution for the elderly. It's a solution when the elder's guardian has too much going on in life, mentally or externally. Most seniors prefer living in their homes because it's familiar and comfortable.

24/7 care provides the solace of knowing your family member is protected where they live. That way, you can visit to spend time together instead of only going there to care for your relative when they require it.



What 24/7 Care Entails

live in care (1)Since this care requires 24/7 attention, at least two caretakers take turns to guarantee somebody is aware and accessible whenever your loved one needs something. You never know when an emergency might come up and demand attention from a professional.

A prepared and ready caretaker is consistently alert to oversee your cherished one. Shift changes guarantee caretakers are rested and prepared to address various circumstances. Seniors who wander around any time of the day can benefit from somebody being aware of their movements.


Signs to Switch to 24/7 Care

  • Expanded confusion because of dementia
  • A feeling of disconnection or isolation because of being alone
  • Needing help to drink or eat
  • Diminished agility and versatility because of a stroke or a chronic condition
  • Move by family or companions who gave previous care
  • Indications of bruising that demonstrate falls or trips
  • Wetting the bed or other "mishaps" because of a failure to go to the bathroom alone
  • Heavy dependence on assistive hardware
  • Wandering around and away from home

24/7 Care vs. Live-In Care

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With 24/7 care, your adored one gets care nonstop. There's no requirement for rest breaks or stops since at least two caretakers can exchange shifts. Depending on local laws, there might be more caretakers because of shift changes and break requirements.

Live-in care varies from 24/7 care because it's usually a single caretaker during the day who gets an eight-hour break and a bed to rest. It allows the caretaker to become familiar with your senior, understanding their needs, moods, and routines.

Live-in care is ideal for patients who stay asleep throughout the night with little help. The patient doesn't require attention because of wandering or other possibly hazardous tasks. Whereas the 24/7 variation guarantees your loved one has someone looking after them no matter the hour.

Why Choose Us?


At our highest level, we are focused on enhancing lives by providing superior experiences which is why we have been providing award-winning home care for our clients throughout North Texas for almost a decade.

We will be your partner in providing you or your loved one with exceptional care. We understand home care. It’s our focus and our passion. Home care is not a transaction, it’s a partnership. We will guide you through your home care journey in addition to providing our care.

We start each partnership by listening to your story and then creating a care plan that’s tailored to your specific needs. We are a non-medical home care agency, but we do have a Chief Medical Officer to ensure proper care protocols are part of every care plan.

After starting care, we continuously review care plans as they are impermanent and ever evolving. Our team of home care experts will provide recommendations along the way and are always here to listen to and address your challenges.

Our company has been recognized as a Top Place to Work by the Dallas Morning News and Home Care Pulse as both a Provider of Choice and an Employer of Choice. The awards are the results of the entire company’s drive to ensure the best care is provided each day.


Free Home Care Quote

“Be aware: most falls occur in the home, where tripping hazards include area rugs and slippery bathroom floors, according to a 2013 Journal of Injury and Violence Research study."

“Each year, millions of older people—those 65 and older—fall. In fact, one out of three older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Remembering when to take your medication is extremely important:

“Non-adherence causes ~30% to 50% of treatment failures and 125,000 deaths annually” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

At Home Care Book, We Care About You.

Our purpose is to enhance lives by providing superior service

What Makes Home Care Book Different?


Experienced, compassionate caregivers


Coordination of care with your healthcare providers

free in person assessment

Free In Person Assessment

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Flexible care plans

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Medical oversight


Responsive – available after-hours

In-Home Senior Care that is Tailored to Your Needs.

At Home Care Book, we realize every person is different. That means every senior home care plan is different and tailored to you or your loved ones needs.

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We listen to you and find out what your specific senior care needs are.

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Based on your needs, our service will match you with caregivers that satisfy your care requirements.

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Our senior home care agency is in constant communication to ensure we are delivering quality elder care.

Areas Our Senior Care Serves

Our in-home senior care agency serves the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, including:

Preston Hollow • Highland Park • University Park • Lake Highlands • Lakewood • North Dallas • Plano •
McKinney • Allen • Colleyville • Southlake • Frisco • Hurst • Euless • Fort Worth • Arlington


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