How to Approach Your Parent About In-Home Care

If your parent needs help with day-to-day activities, it can be difficult to know how to approach the subject of in-home care, and it’s vital to set aside an appropriate place and time for these discussions. Your parent may show some resistance to the idea, but if you approach the conversation with patience and tact,…

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Transitioning Back Home From A Hospital Stay

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Most seniors are ready to go home after a long stay at the hospital, inpatient rehabilitation facility or skilled nursing facility. Perhaps, you are reading this while you or an elderly loved one is currently at the end of a long stay at one of these facilities. It’s great when you learn that you have…

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Hospice and Home Health and Home Care. Oh my!


For seniors and their families, understanding the difference between hospice, home health and home care may not be frightening, but it can be overwhelming. The below statements are both correct and incorrect: Mom is going home with home health so she already has a home care service provider. Dad is on hospice, but hospice isn’t…

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