What Does It Mean That We Have a Chief Medical Officer?

As a home care agency, we provide non-medical help to the elderly and medically vulnerable. Our services – companionship; help with toileting, dressing and bathing; light housekeeping; transportation; medication reminders; and others – are not diagnostic, nor are they treatment. They are supportive and enhance quality of life.

Why then do we have an on-staff chief medical officer?

Core to our philosophy is the delivery of professional, compassionate home care. We believe to meet that promise, we need to have strong nexus with the medical/health care side of the care equation. After all, our clients are interacting with the health care system if not daily or weekly, at least regularly. Our home care services are a meaningful complement to medical care in the home or in a residential facility because they are essential for quality of life. We believe every client is better served if their home care providers have access to medical oversight and coordination, should they need it to deliver better service.

Since our founding five years ago, Dr. Chris Gallagher has served in the chief medical officer role. Board certified in both internal medicine and cardiology, Dr. Gallagher has worked in rural and urban hospitals and is currently the CEO of Access Physicians, a Dallas-based telemedicine network. As chief medical officer for Home Care Book, Dr. Gallagher is available to coordinate clients’ care with their primary care provider, home health agency, hospice, short-term or long-term care facility, assisted living or any other health care provider.

The result: healthier, happier clients.

Prioritizing the integration of a chief medical officer into our operations is one of the many ways Home Care Book stands apart from other home care agencies.

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